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Member of LUCI Association

A member of an international network of cities of light

The purpose of Lighting Urban Community International, LUCI, the association, is to bring together municipalities from around the world into an international network of cities of light.

LUCI is an international forum where the members can meet as well as share experiences and skills. The association offers its members a chance to move together towards more efficient use of light, turning it into a major tool in urban life, architecture and development.

In 2006, Jyväskylä became the first Finnish member of LUCI. International networking helps Jyväskylä to develop its lighting projects but also to establish its image as the City of Light in Finland. The aim is to create more collaboration between member cities, and to host an international conference in Jyväskylä in the near future.

LUCI has around 70 member cities from all over the world and over 50 acciciate members. For example Lyon, Moscow, Turin and Shanghai are members and finnish cities Helsinki and Oulu have also joined this community.


Winner of city.people.light 2009

Jyväskylä – the City of Light project won the first prize in the 2009 city.people.light awards. The annual competition rewards projects, which demonstrate the difference lighting has on the well being of those who live, work or visit a city or town. Philips and the Lighting Urban Community International Association (LUCI) organize the competition.

Mr. Kari Ström and Mr. Pauli Partanen received the first prize at a ceremony October 19th in Gwangju, South Korea. “We appreciated Jyväskylä’s great involvement in using all the potential lighting can offer to stimulate sustainable urban development,” says Iris Dijkstra, an independent lighting designer and president of the multinational city.people.light awards jury. “The City of Light project aims to build high-quality outdoor lighting in a purposeful fashion to highlight architectural gems, as well as to create optical guidance with light. At the same time Jyväskylä will also be able to reduce the energy consumption of its public lighting.”

Jury commented that Jyväskylä constitutes an example of what an integrated approach of lighting can be. An approach where lighting is a major component of the city’s urban identity, and where concerns for energy efficiency, reducing light pollution and safety, build a lighting respectful of the quality of life of the city’s inhabitants. In Jyväskylä, light is used to its full potential and the jury particularly appreciated the subtle use of lighting not only for major urban projects but also for smaller public spaces and parks where light is in direct touch with the people.

Kaupunkivalaistuskilpailun palkintojenjakotilaisuus Etelä-Koreassa 19.10.2009. Kuvassa vasemmalta Olivier Piccolin (Philips), Pauli Partanen, Kari Ström ja Jean-Michel Daclin (LUCI).

City of Light Attracts International Interest

Jyväskylä’s long-term and fruitful efforts as a developer of urban lighting have been acknowledged around the world. Autumn 2012 brought lighting professionals from 33 cities worldwide to Jyväskylä to explore the city’s outdoor lighting strategy, which has won international awards.

The City of Light 2012 event was accompanied by the Lighting Urban Community International (LUCI) seminar ”City under Microscope”. At the event lighting experts from different parts of the world developed an acquaintance with lighting in Jyväskylä through various seminars, workshops and on-the-spot visits. Simultaneously Jyväskylä hosted the initial meeting of a two year joint project involving four European cities entitled "Light in the City".

Jyväskylä as a member of the Executive Committee of LUCI

Jyväskylä was elected as a 1st Vice President of the Executive Committee of LUCI (Lighting Urban Community International) for the years 2019-2020. The Executive Committee of LUCI comprises 12 members in total. Seats on the Executive Committee are awarded on the basis of applications. Jyväskylä was the first member city from Finland to be granted a seat on LUCI’s Executive Committee.

Membership of the Executive Committee will strengthen Jyväskylä’s position as a frontrunner in Finnish urban lighting and the world’s northernmost City of Light. Through the association Jyväskylä obtains precious first-hand knowledge of topical issues and projects in the field of urban lighting. As a member of the Executive Committee Jyväskylä will enjoy excellent opportunities to boost the international debate and exchange of information related to the development of urban lighting culture. In consequence, work on the Executive Committee will support Jyväskylä’s efforts to develop urban lighting further, with an emphasis on ecological sustainability, energy efficiency, safety, and public appeal.


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