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What is the City of Light?

Jyväskylä, a forerunner in urban outdoor lighting

Jyväskylä aims at being a forerunner in outdoor lighting systems. The vision of the Jyväskylä – the City of Light project is that Jyväskylä is the leading city in innovating new lighting solutions and systems in populated areas.

The project can already show some significant results. The current lighting implementations add value to this architecturally valued city, and offer more sights and experiences to both locals and to tourists. And unlike other Finnish lighting events, Jyväskylä's lighting event connects lighting to urban planning and the city's entire infrastructure.

We at Jyväskylä see darkness as a possibility, not a disadvantage!

What we are working on

  • Strengthening the cooperation with LUCI Association (Lighting Urban Community International) and other LUCI member cities.
  • Increasing lighting-related cooperation with properties and strengthening the city's position as the director of lighting construction. A lighting coordinator employed by the city guides on outdoor lighting issues.
  • Searching future lighting targets and collaborative partners (e.g. property owners, route owners and building developers), as the master plan for outdoor lighting (2000) suggests.
  • Strengthening the cooperation with educational institutes in order to utilize lighting-related innovations and research results in designing and implementing urban lighting.
  • Informing local residents and property owners about the trends in the lighting industry, future changes and new lighting installations.

Continuous development of outdoor lighting

In Jyväskylä it has been realized that the city centre cannot be illuminated by using same principles, with which normal streets and roads are illuminated. In the centre, lighting emphasizes the architecture and enhances the usability of the city. Lighting also aims at creating a night time environment, in which lighting is comfortable, creates a feeling of security and is not glaring.

Since completing the Lighting Master Plan in 2000, Jyväskylä has created over 100 permanent illuminations with its co-operators. Illuminations include such locations as, for example, the Church Park, Kuokkala bridge, Harju Ridge Stairs, water tower Vesilinna, Rifle Factory, Parking hall P-Sokos and Ahjokatu and Hannikaisenkatu streets. City’s most used pedestrian path around the Lake Jyväsjärvi is illuminated with fairytale-kind light.

Get to know the installations here and go see them live!

Locals value lighting installations

According to a 2009 study, local inhabitants are impressed about the city lighting. The study shows that 90 percent of city centre residents want architecture, art, bridges and trees to be illuminated. And 83 percent can see that the good outdoor illumination supports the city's imago as a vivid and modern city.

The master plan of Jyväskylä's outdoor lighting

Lighting plays a significant role in different environments. During nighttime, lighting ensures safe driving and moving from one place to another. For the cityscape, illumination of important buildings and constructions not only emphasizes their characteristic features but also supports the hierarchy of the spaces and creates fixed points, which also help to outline the city at night.

The master plan for outdoor lighting as a control tool

The master plan for Jyväskylä's outdoor lighting was completed in 2000. The purpose of the master plan is to control the lighting structures and thematic entities in Jyväskylä. The plan also supports the building and restructuring of the city's outdoor lighting, and functions as a budgeting tool. The target is to establish a cityscape that is also controlled and structured during the nighttime.

The master plan focuses on entities composed of urban spaces. The lighting solutions also reflect the city's identity and image, and the different lighting styles and methods form entities of space structured according to the architecture or traffic or different functions.

The implementation of the master plan for outdoor lighting is a long-term process, which will be revised as the city’s structure develops.


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