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City of Light 2019

Here you can see the highlights and program of the City of Light event 2019. Scroll down to find the detailed program.


MAN – Amanda Parer (AU)
THU 26.9. – SAT 28.9. at 20.00–24.00
Australian artist Amanda Parer’s 12 meter tall Man sculpture will be illuminating the Lutakonaukio square. This giant glowing in the dark is the artist’s response to French Auguste Rodin’s sculpture from the end of the 19th century, Thinker, which depicts a nude figure sunk deep into his thoughts. However, while the Thinker has been considered a symbol for man’s pursuit of intellectual thought, Parer’s Man serves as a commentary on contemporary man’s self-indulgence. Man holds his head in search of answers, in search perhaps of what went wrong?
Location: Lutakonaukio square
The artwork for the event is provided by the City of Jyväskylä together with Keskimaa.

MAN by Amanda Parer (photo credit: Linda Gleeson)

Balloomi – Artur Grycuk (PL)
THU 26.9. – SAT 28.9. at 20.00–24.00
Polish artist Artur Grycyk’s artwork Balloomi will be beating to the rhythm of music at Arenaukio square. In this light installation shaped like a pyramid, a series of white balls will come alive and turn into the dynamic center of the square. Join us and feel the atmosphere in the middle of these oscillatory lights!
Location: Kauppakatu, Arenaukio square

Aqua Olimpia – Artur Grycuk (PL)
THU 26.9. – SAT 28.9. at 20.00–24.00
Take a dive into a pool of light! Polish artist Artur Grycuk creates an illusion of a swimming pool with his installation Aqua Olimpia, where heaving water is replaced by light and smoke. The artwork is executed by using bending light rods that imitate the water caustic.
Location: Lutakonaukio square

Aqua Olimpia by Artur Grycuk

Dioptrice – Daniel Besnyõ, Ákos Tóth, Attila Németh (HU)
THU 26.9. – SAT 28.9. at 20.00–24.00
Hungarian Daniel Besnyõ and his team will be illuminating the Ylistö campus with an ensemble capable of conquering the Universe. The light installation Dioptrice is constructed with the Ylistönrinne hillside in mind, and it takes inspiration both from Kimmo Schroderus’s Hyöky sculpture located on the same hillside and from the planetoids in space. The artwork takes advantage of the study of refraction of light and creates an optical illusion, in which rays of light ricochet all around the buildings. Come witness the cosmic spectacle!
Concept: Daniel BESNYŐ, Ákos TÓTH
Light design: Attila NÉMETH
Curator: Andrea KOVÁCS
Technical partners: Centrum Productions, RGB Laser System, Soul Light Kft.
Cooperation partner: Let_it_Be art agency
Location: Ylistönrinne campus area

Dioptrice (outline)

Imled Lamps – Leonardo Bettinelli and the Circus Lumineszenz collective (AT)
THU 26.9. – SAT 28.9. at 20.00–24.00
Leonardo Bettinelli and the Circus Lumineszenz collective are bringing their Imled Lamps artwork to Jyväskylä! The promenade between Lutakonaukio square and Mattilanniemi will be animated by curious cubes that are decorated with pattern combinations and shining in different colors. The artwork is created by combining one-way mirrors and RGB LED lighting technique.
Location: Kompassinranta lakeside on Promenade

Imled Lamps

Fragmented Appearances – Gertjan Adema (NL)
THU 26.9. – SAT 28.9. at 20.00–24.00
Dutch artist Gertjan Adema’s giant top plays with light, movement and sound. Come interpret the mysterious patterns that the artwork’s mosaic surface reflects as it spins! Fragmented Appearances will certainly enchant every visitor by its humming.
Location: Under the Tourujoki bridge

Fragmented appearances

MAPP – AlexP (NL)
At the L building of the University of Jyväskylä on FRI 27.9. at 20.00–22.00
Moving around the city center of Jyväskylä on SAT 28.9. at 20.00–23.00
Become a part of the MAPP light art installation! Dutch artist duo AlexP provides the public with an opportunity to step into a range of colors and help create unique works of art. The artworks are made by using the Mapping At Private Properties video mapping system, which makes it possible to create abstract reflexions onto the scanned environment. Don’t forget to take your own light art selfie!
Locations: University L Building on Keskussairaalantie 4 and moving aroung the city center

MAPP installation

Enchanted park – Flowers of Life collective (FI)
THU 26.9. – SAT 28.9. at 20.00–24.00
The Church Park becomes magical, as the Finnish light art collective Flowers of Life brings their incredible Enchanted Park ensemble there. The park will be animated by hologram and ultraviolet light artworks, as well as environmental illumination and soundscape. The Enchanted Park is the largest outside hologram art entity ever realized in Finland. Come and let one of the most popular areas in the City of Light enchant you, too!
Location: Church Park

Enchanted park (detail)

Strike – Juhana Moisander (FI)
THU 26.9. – SAT 28.9. at 20.00–24.00
Finnish artist Juhana Moisander creates a new site-specific artwork Strike in the Kangas paper factory. The premises of the artwork lie in the history of the building and the people who used to work there. However, the objective of Strike isn’t to reiterate historical events or persons, but rather operate in the world of associations surrounding the factory. Furthermore, the artwork aims to seek for a connection between a today’s passer-by and the history of the building.
Location: Piipputori in Kangas


’Life of Kangas’ (Finn. Kankaan elämää) – Ari Tiilikainen (FI)
THU 26.9. – SAT 28.9. at 20.00–24.00
Finnish lighting designer Ari Tiilikainen executes a dynamic lighting in the premises of the Kangas paper factory and the river bed beside it. The windows will be living the factory life, creating a sense of rotation of turbines and paper machine cogs.
Location: Piipputori in Kangas

Program 26.9.-28.9.

See the map and check the descriptions of each point below [numbers in brackets]. Click the map to see it in full size.

[1] Church Park
THU 26.9. – SAT 28.9. at 20.00–24.00 Enchanted Park (See description in “Highlights” above)
THU 26.9. – SAT 28.9. at 18.00–22.30 Changing light art at the City church
THU 26.9. at 19.00, 20.00 ja 21.00 Singalong sessions at the City church
FRI 27.9. at 21.00-22.00 Santtu the Elf and the Sparkling Fairy circling around the Church Park
FRI 27.9. at 19.00, 20.00 ja 21.00 Light shows with music at the City church
SAT 28.9. at 18.00–22.30 Versatile musical shows at the City church

[2] Jyväskylä City Theatre, Vapaudenkatu 36
THU 26.9. at 19.00, 20.00 and 21.00 Installation in the windows of Jyväskylä City Theatre mixing contemporary dance, electro music and light art

[3] Arenaukio square, Kauppakatu
THU 26.9. – SAT 28.9. at 20.00–24.00 Balloomi (see description above)

[4] Eskilstuna square in the corner of Yrjönkatu and Ilmarisenkatu
THU 26.9. – SAT 28.9. at 20.00–24.00 ”Betonista tunnelmaa” lantern art by AP Järvinen

[5] Vaasankatu 12
THU 26.9. – SAT 28.9. at 20.00–24.00 ”Peilikuva” reflection artwork by Samuli Alonen

[6] Jyväskylä Art Museum Holvi, Kauppakatu 23
THU 26.9. – SAT 28.9. at 11.00-22.00 ”Graphica creativa 2019 – Hereafter” exhibition
THU 26.9. – SAT 28.9. at 11.00-22.00 City of Light showroom upstairs
FRI 27.9. at 18.00-20.00 free workshops on colour, light and vibration

[7] “Valopop”, Forum mall building 3rd floor, Kauppakatu 20-22
WED 18.9. – FRI 20.9. at 12.00-20.00
SAT 21.9. at 12.00-18.00
MON 23.9. – THU 26.9. at 12.00-20.00
FRI 27.9. - SAT 28.9. at 12.00-23.00
City of Light information desk, souvenir shop and light art corner
“Hexagon” light art exhibition by Heikki Parkkonen

MON 23.9. – THU 26.9. at 12.00-20.00
FRI 27.9. - SAT 28.9. at 12.00-23.00
Pop up second hand lamp shop, lighting art exhibition, Sukarwood minioutlet and a café

WED 25.9 – THU 26.9. at 12.00–20.00
FRI 27.9. - SAT 28.9. at 12.00–23.00
Photo exhibition and light art workshops by Sparri

FRI 27.9. – SAT 28.9. at 19.30 Light dance show by Belenos Group of Arts

[8] Kauppakatu
THU 26.9. – SAT 28.9. at 16.00–24.00 “Light Street” full of stands; City of Light souvenir shop in the glass cube on Compass square

[9] Kauppakatu 20
MON 23.9 – THU 26.9. at 15.00–19.00
FRI 27.9. – SAT 28.9. at 15.00–23.00
SUN 29.9. at 15.00–19.00
Workshop on THU at 19.00–21.00, FRI at 12.00–14.00 and SAT at 12.00–14.00
“Planet” light art exhibition, light art workshops for 10 €/person

[10] Vapaudenkatu 40-42
FRI 27.9. – SAT 28.9. at 18.00–23.00 Night flea market at Keskustan Kirppis

[11] Craft Museum of Finland, Kauppakatu 25
THU 26.9. – SAT 28.9. at 11.00–22.00 Exhibitions free of charge
FRI 27.9. at 17.00-22.00 Opportunity to build a light artwork together with sculptor Ville Heimala
SAT 28.9. at 17.00-21.00 Vintage photo studio and an opportunity to fit Finnish national costumes

[12] Toivola Old Courtyard, Cygnaeuksenkatu 2
THU 26.9. - SAT 28.9. at 18.00-24.00 Illumination at the old courtyard, artworks, museum buildings, a café and blacksmith’s workshop

[13] Yöpuu – Pöllöwaari courtyard, Yliopistonkatu 23
FRI 27.9. – SAT 28.9. at 18.00–22.00 Candlelit Venetian Festival at Pöllöwaari wineyard

[14] Lutakonaukio square
THU 26.9. – SAT 28.9. at 20.00–24.00 MAN (See description above)

[15] Lutakonaukio square
THU 26.9. – SAT 28.9. at 20.00–24.00 Aqua Olimpia (See description above)

[16] Kompassinranta promenade
THU 26.9. – SAT 28.9. at 20.00–24.00 Imled Lamps (See description above)

[17] Kompassinranta promenade
THU 26.9. – SAT 28.9. at 20.00–24.00 “Burleski”, a romantic light artwork by Elisa Hillgen

[18] Ylistönrinne hillside campus area
THU 26.9. – SAT 28.9. at 20.00–24.00 Dioptrice (See description above)

[19] Mattilanniemi, Alba lakeside
SAT 28.9 at 16.30–20.30 “Sillat” project, a STEAM material construction workshop (everyone can join), music session every hour

[20] Finlandia Hotel Alba, Ahlmaninkatu 4
THU 26.9. – SAT 28.9. at 20.00–24.00 Illuminated mermaid sculptures of Suvi Nurmi

[21] Kompassinranta promenade and Mattilanniemi, Alba lakeside
THU 26.9. – SAT 28.9. at 20.00–24.00 “Valon lähteellä” (‘At the source of light’) art entity by Kari and Samuli Alonen, combining stone, glass and light
[22] Mattilanniemi, Alba lakeside
THU 26.9. – SAT 28.9. at 20.00–24.00 “Hehku”, a light artwork designed by three engineers, Jari Aalto, Joonas Innanen and Jussi Saarimäki

[23] Under the Tourujoentie bridge
THU 26.9. – SAT 28.9. at 20.00–24.00 Fragmented Appearances (See description above)

[24] Tourujoki river valley and Tourujoki Park
FRI 27.9. at 20.00–21.00 “Valo virtaa” (’floating light’) - a traditional event, where hundreds of light artworks are floating along the Tourujoki river towards Jyväsjärvi lake; entailing light installations and soundscape

[25] Tourujoki river valley and Tourujoki Park
THU 26.9. – SAT 28.9. at 17.00–24.00 “Ihmemaassa” (‘in Wonderland’) environmental artworks

[26] Tourutori square
TO 26.9. – LA 28.9. klo 20.00–24.00 “Valo-Pukki” (‘light goat’) artwork constructed of recycled materials by artisans Sari Linna and Riikka Helminen

[27] Civic Activity Center Matara, Matarakatu 6
THU 26.9. – SAT 28.9. at 20.00–22.00 Shine Like a Diamond light art installation in Matara lobby

[28] Tourujoki Park
SAT 28.9. at 22.30 A mystical fire art show “Noaidi” by Belenos Group of Arts

[29] Aalto-Sali Festival Hall, Väinönkatu 7
THU 26. – FRI 27.9. Annual City of Light seminar for professionals of lighting industry
FRI 27.9. at 20.00 Stand up show (only in Finnish) ”Komiikkaputki”, tickets for 25/29 €
SAT 28.9. at 12.00-15.00 “Loistodisco”, a brilliant disco for children age 5-11, tickets at the door (if still available) for 6 €, prices starting from 7,50 € at
SAT 28.9. at 20.00-02.00 “Sonic Spectrum” electro rave show with the DJ collective Hybrid JKL, tickets at the door for 8 €, more info at

[30] University L Building, Keskussairaalantie 4
FRI 27.9. at 20.00–22.00 MAPP light art installation by AlexP (See description above)

[31] Laajavuori, Hyppyritie 131
THU 26.9. – SAT 28.9. at 18.30–22.30 See the City of Light from Matti Nykänen’s hill observation tower (café open), entrance fee for adults 4 €, for children (age 6-16) 3 €, students and pensioners 3 €, for families (2 adults + children) 10 €, free for children below 6 years

[32] Mäki-Matti family park
SAT 28.9. at 18.00–21.00 Green Circle “Kehä Vihreä” and City of Light are celebrating the 40th anniversary of Mäki-Matti family park. The birthday party includes speeches, picnics, games, music and dance.

[33] Könkkölä, Vesangantie 37
THU 26.9. at 18.00–22.00 A candlelit path in the Könkkölä farming environment, access by buses 1 and 2 to Killeri bus stop

[34] Adventure park Laajavuori, Laajavuorentie 15
THU 26.9. at 15.00–22.00, FRI 27.9. at 15.00–23.00, SAT 28.9. at 11.00–23.00
“Light adventure” ziplining in the adventure park Laajavuori, check the prices at

[Green points] “Living shop windows”
FRI 27.9. at 20.00–22.30 Boutiques from Jyväskylä are collaborating with local amateur dramatics to put short theatre pieces on the shop windows. The timetable is flexible and the pieces are suitable for the whole family. Boutiques, addresses and performing dramatics:
20.00 Jyväs-Optiikka (Kauppakatu 5, in the window Kanavateatteri)
20.30 Tikkiverstas (Vapaudenkatu 85, in the window JYT)
21.00 The White Room (Kilpisenkatu 9, in the window Huoneteatteri)
21.30 Artlo (Gummeruksenkatu 9, in the window Puskakollektiivi)
22.00 Villielo (Kilpisenkatu 9, in the window Huoneteatteri)
22.30 Luonnonlumo (Kilpisenkatu 9, in the window Kuje)

[Blue points] Researchers’ night 2019
FRI 27.9. at 9.00–22.30 The University of Jyväskylä will once again be hosting the European Researchers’ Night on 27 September together with Europe and 11 other locations in Finland. During one day and night, visitors can take part in different kinds of workshops, panel discussions and exhibitions as researchers open their doors to the public. All events are free of charge. More info:

(not on the map) Jyväskylä Eastern Orthodox Church, Rajakatu 39
SAT 28.9. at 18–22.30 Open day at the Eastern Orthodox Church with candlelight and the Vigilia ceremony

Kangas area

[A] Piipputori in Kangas
THU 26.9. – SAT 28.9. at 20.00–24.00 The old paper factory illuminated by Ari Tiilikainen (See description above)
THU 26.9. – SAT 28.9. at 20.00–24.00 Site specific artwork by Juhana Moisander (See description above)

[B] Kangas Parchment Hall, Kympinkatu 3
FRI 27.9. at 20.00 “Anon – The act of Waiting”, a dance show with space planning and sound art, by Johanna Nuutinen + co.
SAT 28.9. at 16.00 “Flora & Fauna”, a video dance artwork by Tanssiteatteri Hurjaruuth. Tickets 10 €, children under 2 get in for free.
SAT 28.9. at 21.00 A club night with multiple art forms, including performers such as Kinetic Orchestra, Mikko Hyvönen & O/B, Paleface and Joniveli Vanhanen. Tickets for 25/15 €, X-rated
THU 26.9. at 18.00-22.30 Movie night by Film Center of Central Finland
18.00 Ticket sales counter open. DJ music and short films in the lobby. Kiosk open.
19.00 ROCKETMAN (2019) | PG12 | 121min
21.00 Ticket sales counter open. DJ music and short films in the lobby. Kiosk open.
21.30 APOLLO 11 (2019) | G | 93min
Tickets: 8€/10€
Package price: 12€/15€ (two films)
Tickets at the door for cash only
Tickets in advance:

[C] Piippurannan klubi clubhouse, Paperitehtaankatu 1
SAT 28.9. at 19.00 ”Tangoja Valon yössä” accordion tango music show by Trio Aurore

[D] Gradia Creative Campus and the Festival Court
Open THU 26.9. – SAT 28.9. at 18.00–23.00
Outside illumination THU 26.9. – SAT 28.9. at 20.00–24.00
Different fields of Jyväskylä Educational Consortium Gradia are organizing the “Hohtava Kangas” (‘glowing Kangas’) event. Glowing drinks, Festival Court stage show, Steampunk show and much more. Free entrance.

Performances moving around Jyväskylä city center
SAT 28.9. at 20.00–23.00 “MAPP” moving installation (see further description above) by MAPP
FRI 27. – SAT 28.9. at 20.00-23.00 Ballet duo Saga Elgland Company, mixing contemporary ballet and acrobatics, wearing illuminated outfits
FRI 27.9. at 20.30–23.00 and SAT 28.9. at 20.00–21.00 ”Ikaros” light show by Belenos Group of Arts, performing around Tourujoki, Lutakonaukio square, and Church Park areas

Tourujoki night
SAT 28.9. 17.00-22.00 Civic Activity Center Matara, Matarankatu 6
Tourujoki Night is an all-family cultural event in the Civic Activity Center Matara area. The event offers a variety of performances - from music to theater, from food experiences to overall well-being and socializing. More info:

Buses at the event

THU 26.9. – SAT 28.9. at 18.00-24.00 All public transportation in Jyväskylä free of charge
Special bus lines

Linkki line [green bus symbol]
FRI 27.9. – SAT 28.9. at 19.00-23.00 (nonstop every 10 min)
City center (stop 6) – Mattilanniemi

GRADIA Pinkki Taitaja 2020 line [pink bus symbol]
FRI 27.9. – SAT 28.9. at 17.30-23.30 (nonstop every 10 min)
Asemakatu – Sepänkatu 3 A – Kympinkatu 3


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