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The City of Light 2012 event

The City of Light 2012 event was September 21-30, 2012

The 2012 event was the most successful yet, with tens of thousands of people attending. The ten-day event provided both residents and visitors with a chance to learn about, experience and enjoy the city’s lighting, including a number of special lighting installations. The seventh City of Light event saw the unveiling of 14 new permanently illuminated locations including the Äijälänsalmi Bridge, the Moirislampi Park and the Korpilahti Church. Currently, the city already has more than 80 permanent lighting installations.

Click here to view the event program. Click here to view photos from the event.

Light-related Artwork

Valon katedraali (Cathedral of Light) work of environmental art from Friday, 21 September to Saturday, 22 September, 7:30 pm – 2:00 am

The Church Park will glow with new light, and the church building itself will appear in a different way with its

surface, shape and colour changed by lights. Beams of light from super powerful searchlights will cross at an altitude of approximately one kilometre, forming a ceiling of light above the church, visible from a distance.

Demowall 2012 multimedia presentation Friday, 21 September at 8–12 pm and Saturday, 22 September at 7–12 pm

The demos are computer-programmed multimedia presentations edited in real-time, and they project an outdoor presentation, Demowall, to the wall of the Sonera building (at the crossing of Kilpisenkatu and Vapaudenkatu).

Tulivirta (Firestream) fire artwork Sat 22 September at 8–10 pm

The fire artwork designed by artisan Mika Virta to the Ridge is comprised of 40 massive “lumberjack candles.” The fire artwork, erected in the Vesilinna parking area, will give the yard area a genuine atmosphere of natural light. It is also worthwhile to visit the terrace of Restaurant Vesilinna (Ihantolantie 5) to see the work, with a magnificent view over the city.

Varjoista valaistuin (Shining Shadows), Friday, 21 September – Sunday, 30 September at 8–12 pm, once every 30 minutes

The visual multimedia piece will be seen on the façade of Jyväskylä Lyceum. The five-minute work of art is about the impact of light, colours, motion and music on vitality.

Elovalo (Light of Life), Friday, 21 September – Sunday, 30 September at 6–12 pm

The Elovalo team creates three pillars of light that change according to the movement of passersby in the Church Park along Kauppakatu. The work describes the flow and vividness of urban life.

Light on plywood (Dedicated To Dan, But He Wasn’t Watching)

light installation Saturday, 22 September – Sunday, 30 September

A light construction built in the lobby of the City Theatre (Vapaudenkatu 36) for the enjoyment of theatregoers – it can also be viewed from the lobby windows facing the City Hall.


Jyväskylä Church Park Photo Annual exhibition Friday, 21 September – Sunday, 30 September

The exhibition arranged by Äkkigalleria transforms the Church Park into a photo exhibition.

The photographs by Patricia Driscoll will be placed in illuminated cabinets along Kauppakatu. Opening ceremony on Friday, 21 September at 6:30 pm

City of Light photo exhibition Thursday, 20 September – Sunday, 30 September

Photographer Juhana Konttinen’s photo exhibition of the City of Light sites and events over the years in the lower lobby of the Jyväskylä City Library (Vapaudenkatu 39–41). The exhibition is open during the library’s opening hours, Monday–Friday 10 am–8 pm, Saturday 10 am–4 pm.

Work of art by artist Kari Alonen Friday, 21 September – Sunday, 30 September

Steel floats, as you can see in artist Kari Alonen’s work Valon värettä ja Kiven hehkua™ (Ripple of Light and Glow of Stone™), which has been brought to the bank of Lake Jyväsjärvi at Hotel Alba (Ahlmaninkatu 4) for the duration of the event.


Dark Side of Light photography competition, entries until 27 September at 2 pm

A free-for-all photography competition will be arranged in connection with the event. The theme of the competition is the “Dark Side of Light.” Pay attention to your surroundings, find encounters of light and shadow and capture them for others to see! The best photograph will win a gift card worth EUR 350 to a camera shop, while the best insight will win a EUR 100 gift card. The deadline for entries is Thursday, 27 September at 2 pm. Further information:

Overview of the Downside of Light photography competition Tuesday, 2 October – Friday, 19 October

Photos from the Downside of Light photography competition will be exhibited in the lower lobby of the Jyväskylä City Library (Vapaudenkatu 39-41). The exhibition is open during the library’s opening hours, Monday–Friday 10 am–8 pm, Saturday 10 am–4 pm.


Guerrilla Lighting, Tuesday 25 September at 8–9 pm

Lighting guerrillas strike again! The action, originating in the United Kingdom, brings architecture alive during the dark with light. The event is realised using powerful flashlights and a large number of assistants. The public is welcome to admire the momentary light phenomena! Departure from the cafeteria in Naissaari in Vaajakoski (Naissaarentie 2) at 8 pm.

Viherlandia’s lighting theme day, Thursday 27 September at 12 noon – 3 pm

In Finland, darkness prevails almost half of the year, so high-quality lighting of our environs is really significant. Viherlandia (Kammintie 6) offers expert advice by lighting designer Annukka Larsen and representatives from Nelos-Sähkö Oy for lighting your garden. Bring photos and/or a map of your area to be planned.

Light soirees at the Lutakko harbour pavilion on Friday 28 September and Saturday 29 September starting at 7 pm

The harbour pavilion (Siltakatu 4) is home to a Light Soiree on two evenings, with snacks and mulled wine in a setting of atmospheric music. The cafeteria has fleece blankets you can borrow to keep warm and cosy. Experience the atmospheric harbour area in the darkening evening!

Elämysten polku (Path of Experiences) illuminated work of environmental art on Friday, 28 September starting at 7 pm

(work of art on display 25–30 September)

The Elämysten polku on the bank of the river Tourujoki will be lit starting at 7 pm, when there will also be installations by students from the Craft School and dance performances by students from the dance school. The lanterns of the Valo virtaa (Light Flows) event will be set off in the River Tourujoki at 8 pm.

Valo virtaa (Light Flows) event, Friday 28 September at 8–9 pm

The water of the River Tourujoki will be released during the traditional Valo virtaa event and handmade candle lanterns will be set off in the stream. You can experience the atmosphere on the Kinakuja bridge and the river banks, with hundreds of works of light art floating with the stream towards Lake Jyväsjärvi.

Tourujoen yö (Tourujoki Night) event, Saturday, 29 September at 10 am – 10 pm

The programme of the social culture event includes the Vapaaehtoiseksi! (Become a volunteer!) fair, car boot sale and a bazaar event featuring a recycling shop with a light theme, light expedition on the river, bridge dance and outdoor movie theatre, among other happenings. The event will be crowned by an impressive fire show at 9:30 pm on the Kinakuja bridge. The locations of the event are Matarankatu 4 and 6, the Kinakuja bridge and the Tourujoki valley. For a more detailed programme, see

Moov It movie cycling, the event date will be selected depending on the weather

between Monday, 24 and Friday, 28 September at 7 pm

The Moov It movie cycling will bring Nordic short films to an urban setting.

The films will be shown at points located around the city, with easy access by bicycle. Bring your own picnic blanket and food, the organisers will also be selling coffee and warm juice. Programme and timetable: and

Evening of Light at Toivolan Vanha Piha, Sunday, 30 September at 7:00-8:30 pm

The opening day of the Toivolan Vanha Piha (Cygnaeuksenkatu 2) will culminate in an evening of light, which is also the closing event of the City of Light festival. The programme features a light installation by visitors, a video presentation about the history of the courtyard and, finally, a fire show. Warm drinks will be served during the event and a cafeteria van will be there. The craftsmen’s homes, boutiques and workshops will also be open.

New City of Light Lighting Installations

• Kauppakatu pedestrian precinct

• LED lighting of the grid plan city centre

- parts of Vapaudenkatu and

Gummeruksenkatu as well as Urhonkatu

• Lower section of the steps of the Harju ridge

• Lutakko harbour pavilion

• Sokos Hotel Paviljonki

• Innova 2

• Moirislampi

- Timo Hannunen, ”Varjot” 2012

• Music campus

• Oikokatu

• Masts of the Harju stadium

• Äijälänsalmi bridge

• Louhunsalmi bridge, Säynätsalo

• Korpilahti Church

• Höyrygalleria in Korpilahti

The new lighting installations have been implemented by the Sporting Services and the Urban Design department of the City of Jyväskylä, the Jyväskylä Parish, JAMK, JAO, Technopolis Plc and Keskimaa Osk.


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