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The City of Light 2016 event 22.-24.9. 2016

Path of Light at Könkkölä
Thu 22.9. | at 17.00–21.00

Activity center Könkkölä’s Lumo-path transforms into a Path of Light for one evening. The Path of Light is a magical experience for both children and adults. The path will be illuminated with candles and other glowing elements. Enjoy the serenity of fall through hiking and experience with all senses. Lumo-café is open in the warmth of goahti. It is also recommended to bring your own light sources to the site. Location: Könkkölä, Vesangantie 37. You can also come by the local bus, bus lines 1 and 2.

Intrude – Light Glowing Bunnies
Thu 22.9.-Sat 24.9. | at 20.00-24.00

Welcome to wonderland! Experience the Australian Amanda Parer’s adorable illuminated giant bunnies in the heart of the city at Church Park. These five friendly bunnies, that have visited the world’s biggest metropoles, speak for the artist’s concern towards the environment. The over 7 meters high and 13 meters long, these bunnies have been captured in over hundreds of thousands of cameras where ever they have traveled to. Come take your “Alice in wonderland” selfie. Location: Kirkkopuisto (Church Park).

Tuulikukat light installation
Thu 22.9.-Sat 24.9. | at 20.00-24.00

The artwork Tuulikukat, presented in last year’s event is still open for admiration right next to the bridge of Kinakuja. Rustling in the wind, the Installation glows faintly in the darkness. It is constructed of recycling materials, such as VHS tapes, Christmas lights, light poles and the sphere shaped lights from bridge of Kuokkala. The installation is designed and implemented by the artisan Sari Linna. Lighting: JyNet Urakointi Oy. Installation: Huoltotyö Pentti Oy.

UkkoMetso light installation
Thu 22.9.-Sat 24.9. | at 20.00-24.00

Outside the civic activity center Matara is the graceful four meter high UkkoMetso, lit at night. Custom made for the Tourujoen yö –event, UkkoMetso is the design of Tomi Poikola from Suomen Jouluvalo Oy, implemented by artist Jari Antila, using recycling materials and impregnated wood to last time and weather. Location: Matara, Matarankatu 6

Piruvie light installation
Thu 22.9.-Sat 24.9. | at 20.00-24.00

Next to Nahkurinsilta bridge, when evening dims, stands a lonely light locker. Wonder what it holds inside? The installation is made by using as much recycled material as possible, such as VHS tapes. Design and implementation by artisan Sari Linna. The installation has been granted a scholarship for material expenses, from the Culture and Sports Committee of Jyväskylä city.

Light installations by Samuli Alonen and Kari Alonen
Thu 22.9.-Sat 24.9. | at 20.00-24.00

Two artists from Jyväskylä, Kari and Samuli Alonen are bringing their artworks on display at Church Park. The installations will take over the corner of Gummeruksenkatu and Kauppakatu. In addition the classic Valonverkosto by Kari Alonen will glow under the bridge of Tourula. Locations: Kirkkopuisto (Church Park) and Tourulan silta (bridge of Tourula), Siltakatu.

Silmu light sculpture
Thu 22.9.-Sat 24.9. | at 20.00-24.00

Silmu rises from the Civic Activity center Matara, side closest to the Tourujoki river. The sculpture is a three meter high steel sprout, which can be viewed as its own form of life. The piece is designed and implemented by artisan Tuomas Pynnonen. Installation: Huoltotyö Pentti Oy.

Concrete atmosphere
Thu 22.9.-Sat 24.9. | at 20.00-24.00

AP Järvinen, a concrete artist and a fire capturer from Laukaa, has made tens of concrete lanterns, which will be seen at Eskilstuna’s plaza. A fire will burn inside the lanterns to create a gorgeous play of light and shadow to the area. Location: The corner of Yrjönkatu and Ilmarisenkatu. Share your pictures of the lanterns #betonistatunnelmaa

Dine in the Dark
Thu 22.9. at 18.00 and Fri 23.9. at 20.00

Darkness sensitizes sences. Restaurant Harmooni’s Dine in the Dark offers a new dining experience. The exhilarating and thrilling evening will put a smile on everyone’s face. Anyone will get the chance to feel the culinary experience in a completely new way, which will be remembered. The experience consists of three dishes, price: 80€/ person. Reservations at: Info: 020 7353 400. Location: Restaurant Harmooni, Väinönkatu 1.

Kuusikko-valo-olotila environmental artwork
Thu 22.9.-Sun 25.9.

The environmental artwork is located in Tourujokilaakso, in a spruce forest next to Nahkurinsilta bridge. The human footprint can be seen within the cultural landscape as the environment has been shaped by making the Kuusikko-valo-olotila environmental art. The pieces will be on display all day until Sunday. Organizers: Taito Keski-Suomi ry, the students of Taitokeskus Aivia and the students of Jyväskylän käsityökoulu.

Pörriäiset ja Öttiäiset environmental artwork in Tourujokilaakso
Thu 22.9.-Sun 25.9.

The Pörriäiset ja Öttiäiset environmental artwork is placed at the riverbend of Tourujoki, between Kinakuja and Nahkurinsilta bridges. Within the pieces, various elements are combined together with nature creating an environmental artwork. Organizers: Taito Keski-Suomi ry, the students of Taitokeskus Aivia and the students of Jyväskylän käsityökoulu.

Valo virtaa event
Fri 23.9. | at 20.00-21.00

This traditional event organized between the bridges of Kinakuja and Nahkuri in Tourujoki river offers fun and memorable experiences for the whole family. During the event hundreds of light art pieces float from the upriver towards the Jyväsjärvi lake. The program consists of different light installations, soundscapes and dance performances from Taito Keski-Suomi ry, Taitokeskus Aivia, Jyväskylän käsityökoulu and their various collaborators. Organizers: Taito Keski-Suomi ry, the students of Taitokeskus Aivia and the students of Jyväskylän käsityökoulu with the help of Jyväskylän ammattiopisto and Jyväskylän tanssiopisto.

Concert of Edu Kettunen and Markus Vuorinen
Fri 23.9. | at 20.00

Music is more than just fine melody and nice words for both Edu Kettunen and Markus Vuorinen. Their songs are small stories with big ideas inside – both joyful and serious. Songs from both men will be performed. Free access. Location: Kaupunginkirkko (The City Church), Kirkkopuisto (Church Park).

Belenos Ikaros lightshow
Fri 23.9. –Sat 24.9. | at 19.00-23.00

Belenos is a professional performance group from Helsinki. Their shows are high quality and memorable, and they perform using everything from hoopdance to the enchanting fire and light art. The shows are created by combining dancing, choreography and dashing costumes. The group can be seen performing between the event locations; Tourujoki, Matara and Kirkkopuisto (Church Park). At about 21.00 o’clock, the dancers will be at Kirkkopuisto.

Tero Saarinen Company: Morphed
Fri 23.9. | at 20.00

The original, organic and impressive movement of Tero Saarinen will be interpreted by seven amazing male dancers. The piece that discourses the diversity of manhood and humanity, moves along with the compositions of Esa-Pekka Salonen from the brutal and aggressive to the minimalistic and soft. The strong and original male energy is not lacking from the rest of the workgroup: The impressive light and set design has been created by Mikki Kunttu.

After the show a public discussion will be held at the upper lobby of the theatre. The performance is a co-production of Jyväskylän kaupunginteatteri, Keski-Suomen Tanssin Keskus and Tero Saarinen Company and it is part of the Tanssin Aika 2016 program.

Choreagraphy by Tero Saarinen, Music by Esa-Pekka Salonen (Concert étude for solo horn, Foreign Bodies, Violin Concerto) light and set design by Mikki Kunttu, costume design by Teemu Muurimäki. Dancers: Ima Iduozee, Leo Kirjonen, Oskari Nyyssölä, Jarkko Lehmus, Pekka Louhio, Jussi Nousiainen ja David Scarantino.

Tickets from theatre’s ticket office (014) 266 0110 and Lippupiste (+service fee). Price: 36€ / 34€ / 28€. Location: Jyväskylän kaupunginteatteri, Vapaudenkatu 36.

Home lighting -theme day
Sat 24.9. | at 10.00-13.00

Lumixia Oy offers guidance for home LED-lighting and tips for light sources. Take any pictures or drawings of the site with you and get professional tips for designing and applying lighting. Location: Sylvania shop, Vapaaherrantie 2 (Tourukeskus).

Loisto Glow Disco
Sat 24.9. | at 12.00-15.00

Kids take over the legendary Tanssisali Lutakko dancefloor and enjoy the pleasure of dancing music and light. DJ will play the best songs, UV -painting spot lets you finish the party look and light toys can be bought at the site. Popcorn, juice and other yummies will make sure you have the energy to dance. In co-operation with Valon kaupunki and Lasten Lysti. Facebook: Tickets: 4€ from the door, cash only. Location: Tanssisali Lutakko, Lutakonaukio 3

Tourujoen Yö event
Sat 24.9. | at 17.00-22.00

This year the theme for the event is Light in Movement. For an example, moving light can be seen on stage and workshops. The event has a wide scale of music, dance and other performances. The various bazaar shops offer delicious snacks and many interesting things to shop. Tourujoen yö is an alcohol free culture event, organized by civic activity center Matara along with Jyväskylän Kangas and the City of Light. Find out more: Location: Matara, Matarankatu 6

Researchers’ Night at Tourujoen yö
Sat 24.9. | at 17.00-22.00

The University of Jyväskylä’s Researchers’ Night’s (30.9.) pre-event is full of wonders of the physics for all ages. At the different points, you can for instance explore the cosmic radiation, with the help of a cloud chamber and get to know the attributes of plasma. Find out more: Location: Matara, room Saunio, Matarankatu 6.

Northern Lights and light paintings workshop for kids and adults
Sat 24.9. | at 18.00-21.30

Member of Valopaja light painting collective Jukka Laine is holding a light painting workshop at Matara, where anyone gets to take part in making light art. Create enchanting northern lights and draw lines with small LED lights. The ideas of the workshop are easy to do at home or day care. Location Matara, room Hilla, Matarankatu 6.

Hämärän sävel performance
Sat 24.9. | at 22.00-22.40

Performing will be musicians Grigory Tsyganov and András Szabó from The Jyväskylä Sinfonia and actor Jouni Innilä, who will be reading haiku and tanka poems. Hämärän sävel is produced with the collaboration of Jyväskylä Sinfonia and Jyväskylä City Theatre. Limited tickets – get your free ticket from the ticket office of Jyväskylä City Theatre from 20.9. Max. 2 tickets / customer. Location: Jyväskylä City Theatre, small stage, Vapaudenkatu 36

Night orienteering
Sat 24.9. | at 20.00-01.00

The Finnish Championship of night orienteering, organized by Vaajakosken Terä, is expected to have about 1300 orienteers with headlamps. The finish and the stand will be decorated with light. Organizers: Vaajakosken Terä, Suur-Savon Sähkö and the City of Light. Read more: Location: Vaajakoski sport center, Urheilutie 36.


Loistava Kangas is the joint opening event for the operators of Kangas, the Humanistic University of applied sciences, Jyväskylän ammattiopisto, Jyväskylän aikuisopisto and the Kangas itself. The area is accessed by car through Kympinkatu and by foot from Kankaankatu. The chargeable parking lots of Kangas are located around the Porttirakennus (Kympinkatu 3). Guides to the event points can be found from there.

Valo ja varjo (Light and shadow)
Thu 22. – Sat 24.9. | at 20.00-24.00

The students of Jyväskylän ammattiopisto and Jyväskylän aikuisopisto have created pieces of light and shadow, which can be seen from outside. The windows and stairway of Luova Kampus (Creative Campus) are filled with costumes, textile works, imagery and photographic stories. At the campus courtyard you can find the "Valaistu siivekäs" light installation. Also various water animal installations you'll find alongside Tourujoki river between Kinakuja bridge and the Cemetery. Location: Kympinkatu 3

Kangas 360°
Fri 23.9. | at 20.00-23.00

What will the new Piippuranta look like? Come take a peek to the future, as the upcoming area at Kangas is unveiled on big screen. The visualization is projected on Minimani market’s backwall, along with some short films from The Film Centre of Central Finland. Coffee and presentation of the area and upcoming buildings will be available in the Porttirakennus gatehouse. Location: Kympinkatu 3.

UV-painting workshop
Sat 24.9. | at 11.00-14.00

The UV painting workshop will be held by artist Riikka Maria Partanen. Come create your own paintings on paper, fabric or leather; you can also bring your own material with you. The creations will be presented at the Dark Art Exhibit, same evening. Participants get their own works to keep. The workshop is free and meant for all ages above 7. Location: Pergamenttihalli at Kangas, Kympinkatu 3.

Pimeä taidenäyttely (Dark Art Exhibit)
Sat 24.9. | at 17.00-21.00

The evening of Loistava Kangas is a combination of things to see and experience. The Dark Art Exhibit is open at Pergamenttihalli, where the magical works of Riikka Maria Partanen and participants of the workshop are presented under UV-light. At 18 o’clock the Wheelchair Dancers of Central Finland will present their skills and at 19 to 21 o’clock Algoristo - Painting by Numbers will enchant with its mathematical art. Warm drinks can be bought from the café and workshop is free and open for crafting. Location: Pergamenttihalli at Kangas, Kympinkatu 3.

Events at Korpilahti

"SATTUMIA", mixed media, Simo Heikkilä and Seppo Uuranmäki 2016
Thu 22.9.–Sat 24.9. | at 20.00-24.00

On the water area of Korpilahti harbor, artists have created a light installation viewable from the pier. In collaboration with Korpilahden Yrittäjät association and City of Light. Installation of lighting by Huoltotyö Pentti Oy. Location: Korpilahti Harbor, Korpilahdentie 8.

The local Mannerheim League’s 90th year of celebration event for kids
Sat 24.9. | at 13.00-15.00

The local Mannerheim League for Child Welfare at Korpilahti is celebrating its 90th year in action at Korpilahti Theatre and the Harbor area. The event starts with an hour long show of Magician Alfrendo at Korpilahti Theatre and continues at the Harbor outside. There you can ride a pony, get a face painting or explore what’s in a real firetruck, among many other fun activities. At the workshop you can partake in the making of paper bag LED light installation. Location: Korpilahti Theatre, Kirkkolahdentie 2.

Open doors at Kotiseutumuseo
Sat 24.9. | at 16.00-22.00

Museum at Korpilahti opens its doors to visitors of all ages. The atmosphere is created through lighting around the Kotiseutukivi monument and the paper bag LED light installation along Synninpolku, which anyone can partake free at the kid’s event held earlier that day. Info: Tuija Broman, 040-5372122. Location: Korpilahti kotiseutumuseo, Martinpolku 8.

Experience the Old Mill in new light
Sat 24.9. | at 17.00-22.00

Explore the Old Mill’s buildings and area freely. A small environmental lighting is created in the area and a poem exhibition, Runotulet is on display. The program consists of musical acts, sausage roasting on open fire and a café buffet. Info: Marja Lyytinen, 040-5369453. Location: Vanha Mylly (Old Mill), Jussinpolku 4.

Korpilahti Activity Center’s Day of Light
Sat 24.9. | at 12.00-21.00

Korpilahti Activity Center for disabled people offers fun doings for all. Come participate in the awesome light painting workshop, from 12.00 to 15.00 o’clock or craft your own light wreath. The yard is decorated with the beautiful light installation crafted from willow by the customers of the Center. Café services are open at the site. Info: Ulla Kutvonen, 014-26 63949. Location: Korpilahti Activity Center, Ahotie 1.

Höyry gallery
Sat 24.9. | from 12.00

Remember the days of past at Höyry art gallery, built in a former steam saw building. Walls of the gallery are projected with images from the history of Korpilahti and from Struve Geodetic Arc in Oravivuori, one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Site’s at Korpilahti. Location: Höyry gallery, Korpilahdentie 10.

Guerrilla Lighting at Korpilahti
Sat 24.9. | at 20.30

Guerrilla Lighting event is created to draw attention in urban lighting and to show familiar places in a new light. The light happening is done with chargeable handheld lights and with the help of a large group. Everyone is welcome to the hour long walk. Organized in collaboration with Alkio-opisto. Meeting place: Vanha Pappila (old vicarage), Koivukuja 8.

Piste pimeässä light show
Sat 24.9. | at 21.30

Korpilahti Theatre is filled with light as the amazing Piste Pimeässä lightshow takes over the stage. The cafeteria is open for treats. Location: Korpilahden Teatteri (Korpilahti Theatre), Kirkkolahdentie 2.

Other City of Light events

Sunday Sessions of the factory
Sun 25.9. | at 16.00-19.00

After the Tanssin Aika dance festival, Pergament hall of Kangas will be filled with street dancing and films. Program is consisted of the traditional Open stage, break- and hiphop battles and 16mm of film in the form of Ballet Robotiquen (1982). Organizers: Tanssin Aika dance festival, The Film Centre of Central Finland, City of Light and Jyväskylä Kangas. Read more from Facebook: Tanssin Aika / Tehtaan sunnuntaisessiot . Location: Pergamenttihalli at Kangas, Kympinkatu 3.

Theme lighting of Seminarium building
Fri 30.9. | at 20.00-23.00

Researchers’ Night event is turning the University building, Seminarium into a magical place for one night. Participate in 3D-workshops, pendulum painting and experience fascinating experiments of art and science through video installations and meet researchers from the past. In collaboration with Researchers’ Night and City of Light events. Info:, Location: University of Jyväskylä, S-building, Seminaarinkatu 15.

We reserve the right to make changes to the program.


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