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City of Light event is here again!

The City of Light event will be held for the 14th time this year, between 26.-28.9.2019. The event includes about 50 light installations and other program.

Every autumn Jyväskylä hosts City of Light, a well-known festival about light art and urban lighting. The event gives both residents and visitors a chance to enjoy the urban lighting, light art and many special light installations.

The City of Light event has attracted a great deal of interest. The event has thus improved the general knowledge on Jyväskylä as well as the City of Light project itself. The event also introduces new lighting techniques and architectural lighting systems exist in Finland. This is a valuable opportunity for Jyväskylä to develop its profile as an innovative leading city in modern urban lighting systems. Together with professional information and new innovations, city presents great variety of light intallations and light art around the city. Jyväskylä collaborates with numerous companies and organizations in creating the City of Light event. The temporarily illuminated areas and light art will show creative ideas on what lights can be used for, and inhabitants and visitors can literally see the city in a different light!


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