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Light in the City in Eskilstuna - Speakers

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Kai Piippo

Kai is an internationally recognized and awarded lighting designer, well known and respected in the lighting sector in Sweden. Kai started up Lights in Alingsås 1999. He also held a number of workshops on lighting design with PLDA. His company Ljusarkitektur, founded in 1991, has worked with many different lighting design projects internationally, both interior and exterior. Since August 2013 Ljusarkitektur is a part of ÅF Lighting which has 65 employees who work with light in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Recently Kai has focused on natural light and how to combine daylight design with electric light to produce energy efficient and healthy buildings.

”Light in the cities of tomorrow, new light – new life”

Since we are in the middle of a paradigm shift, going from analog to digital lights, are now new opportunities and challenges coming up. How can we use and maximize the new technology to the fullest when planning the cities of today? Saving energy is given, but how can we combine these goals with good lighting design that creates a better social life or for that matter profiling cities?

Christofer Silfvenius

Christofer is heading up and managing the lighting tests at the Swedish Energy Agency, with a focus on novel energy efficient LED light sources and luminaires. A main role is to perform tests for market surveillance for the EU product regulations and suggest improvements of the current legislations and technical standards.

“Future Lighting – The vision of Energimyndigheten, Swedish Energy Agency”

While the old, inefficient lighting will be phased out, new findings about the link between well-being and light appear. It presents interesting opportunities to develop new lighting that is both better for your health and also more energy efficient than the old lighting. The Energy Agency’s work to promote these opportunities by strengthening the academy, lighting companies and client groups is the topic of this speech.

Katarina Saltzman

Katarina is PhD in ethnology and associate professor at the Department of Conservation, University of Gothenburg.

“Ephemeral landscapes”

In this presentation Katarina Saltzman will approach the forgotten pockets and corners that can be found in many cities and their outskirts. In areas that ’lie fallow’, awaiting future urban developments, new landscape values, associated with the temporary character of these places, evolve.

Tapio Rosenius

Tapio is the founder and design director of Lighting Design Col¬lective (LDC). The company is based in three studios in Europe (Madrid, London & Helsinki) and operates globally with a network of collaborators stretching from Miami to Mexico and Hong Kong to Helsinki. LDC specializes in customized architectural lighting solutions and light art with a uniquely integrated portfolio covering cutting-edge services such as digital content creation, software development and design strategies.

“At the Edge of Light and Art”

The presentation introduces the work of LDC blending architectural lighting design, digital content design and light art. Various case studies explore the new roles light can take in the built environment as an enabler of ambient communication, participatory art and interaction.

Annukka Larsen

Annukka holds a B.A. degree with major in lighting design. Her main area of expertise is in urban lighting planning and education of architectural lighting.

Annukka has been coordinating the City of Light project in Jyväskylä, Finland since 2007 as part of a long-term consultancy project. Annukka was already involved in creating the Lighting Master Plan for the City of Jyväskylä in 1999-2000. Along the years she has worked on a number of lighting projects as a designer and she also contributes to the development of attractive city nightscape by guiding the lighting projects of the city and other actors in the field.

Since 2009 Annukka has been part of the team handling the Pro-Environment Urban Lighting project that aims on 40 percent savings in outdoor energy consumption. Annukka designs the Guerrilla Lighting illuminations.

Meeli Koiva aka Mery Crystal Ra

Meeli is a light artist, glass sculptor and painter, located in Finland/USA. She has been an innovator, a pioneer and a visionary in the field of light/glass art for 30 years. Her first light and glass exhibition was held in 1991. This was an innovative presentation of new work and a breakthrough in light art history.

For the last 20 years, she has been working at her studios in Helsinki, New York, Paris and San Francisco. Her best known works include the main building of the European Parliament; “Reactive River” light glass sculpture and video.

”Architectural Space as a sensitive canvas for light-glass messages”

Science meets spirit via light and glass. From nothing to something: light messages, mood mystery and dreamlike energy-synergy transported into the architectural fabric, our environment.

Nona Schulte-Römer

Nona is a research fellow in the unit Cultural Sources of Newness at the WZB Social Science Research Center Berlin and a PhD candidate at the Department of Sociology at the Technical University Berlin. Her research on urban lighting focuses on the adoption of LED technology in urban public lighting and the role of technology users in the ongoing innovation process in the field of solid-state lighting. Another research focus is festivals of light and urban development strategies for night-time cities.

”Which LED? Innovating in public”

Looking closer at innovation in lighting we find that first, there is not just one LED lighting but different technological trajectories and second, there is more than technological innovation going on in urban lighting.


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