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Light in the City in Tartu - speakers

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Martin Kikas

Martin is a head of Tartu Regional Energy Agency and an Energy Expert. His fields of expertise are energy planning, small scale renewable energy systems and energy performance certificates.

In his current role he advises local stakeholders in the field of energy management, bioenergy and energy performance in buildings. Martin is a member of expert group at Ministry of Ecomonics and Communication in Estonia.

Aive Haavel

Aive works as a Project Coordinator of energy related projects in the Environmental Investment Centre of Estonia. In recent years her work has focused on improving energy efficiency of street lighting in Estonia. In 2012, a street lighting reconstruction project involving 7 middle-sized Estonian cities was launched. Aive is a member of managing team of this project.

Jaanus Tamm

Jaanus works as a Project Manager of sustainable development related projects in the Tartu City Government since beginning of 2010. In last 2 years his work has focused on improving energy efficiency of street lighting in the Tartu City. In cooperation with lightning specialists he is looking for ways to upgrade to more energy-efficient and user- friendly street lighting. In recent years, part of his work has involved the development of lighting control systems and deployment of new technologies (LED luminaires, dimming equipment, lighting controllers and remote controlling systems).

Tiiu Tamm

Tiiu is an electrical engineer, graduated from the Tallinn Polytechnical Institute in 1976. In the middle of 90-s she specialized on lighting and control technologies. More recently, she has developed an interest in LED technology and energy-saving solutions in the outdoor lighting systems.

Tiiu runs her own engineering bureau (Inseneribüroo OÜ) and teaches at the Tallinn Technical University.

Mario Mars

Mario is presently employed by department of Physics of Tallinn University of Technology. He is active in the light pollution research group started in 2010. Main branch of study of their team is carrying out scientifict research of light pollution in Estonia and implementing modern principles of lighting. Mario's real passion is astronomy. He works in close cooperation with the Tallinn Observatory. During the last decade he has carried out numerous astronomical observations, conducted astronomy courses, organised public astronomical events and observations of sky for everybody interested.

Mario believes that clear sky is a great value and worth holding in esteem. Using and designing of luminares should be done reasonably and Estonia has a long way to go in this field.

Roope Siiroinen

Roope is a lighting designer graduated lighting design department of Theatre Academy (1996) and has run since 1997 the independent lighting design company – VALOA.

VALOA has created several lighting master plans for the cities in Finland like Jyväskylä (2000) which won LUCI award at 2010. Latest master plan is a large scale development plan for the Pirkanmaa Region, which idea is to develop lighting as a main topic of dark time city picture, imago, activities and travelling.

VALOAs principal idea is to find new possibilities to develop dark time environment more comfortable, enjoyable and energy saving as well. Roope Siiroinen: " Why don't we talk about how good quality we can get instead of typical discussions how much we can save?. Thanks to master plan it is possible to understand opportunities of lighting and make political and economical decisions. Nowadays master plan also means a strategy who will be in response of various solution, realization and maintenance; town or business world ?"

Neeme Takis

Neeme is an Electrical and Automation Engineer with extensive experience in ICT. In his work as CEO of Uniflex Systems OÜ he combines knowledge and experience from information technology, telecommunication and electronics engineering and automation to create value for customers.

Neeme has managed the first commercial Internet service provider in Estonia in the 90s and founded several companies including Data Telecom, EUnet Viro and Linxtelecom Intia.

Annukka Larsen

Annukka holds a B.A. degree with major in lighting design. Her main area of expertise is in urban lighting planning and education of architectural lighting.

Annukka has been coordinating the City of Light project in Jyväskylä, Finland since 2007 as part of a long-term consultancy project. Annukka was already involved in creating the Lighting Master Plan for the City of Jyväskylä in 1999-2000. Along the years she has worked on a number of lighting projects as a designer and she also contributes to the development of attractive city nightscape by guiding the lighting projects of the city and other actors in the field.

Since 2009 Annukka has been part of the team handling the Pro-Environment Urban Lighting project that aims on 40 percent savings in outdoor energy consumption. Annukka designs the Guerrilla Lighting illuminations.

Priit Tiimus

Over 16 years ago Priit started his lighting career as a show lighting designer. He has since moved on to learn more about light and lighting and to gain experience as an illumination engineer, a daylight consultant, an architectural lighting designer and a light artist.

His studies and diverse work experience have helped to come to an understanding about different aspects of light as well as the tasks and point of views of different professions working with light. Currently he runs his lighting design consultancy in Tallinn and is also a co-organiser of Tallinn Light Biennale.


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